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Arrangements of Military Status with IDF

According to Israel’s Defense Law, service in the IDF is obligatory. Failure to obey shall be considered a criminal offense. Violators will be subject to legal action, after which they will be obligated to appear for duty. Arraigning your military status is also mandatory in order to be eligible to Israeli traveling documents.


This law applies to both citizens of the State of Israel, whether they are residing in Israel or abroad, even if they have another nationality or live abroad permanently, as well as to permanent residents of Israel, even if they are not Israeli citizens.


The military authorities have authorized consulates abroad to perform certain services pertaining to military service. These include determining if one is obligated to serve in the army, verifying information on army service, and granting deferments. 


As a general rule, an Israeli citizen who has left Israel with both of his parents before the age of 16 or a child born abroad to an Israeli parent (whose family has not returned to live in Israel) is eligible for an army deferment (not exemption).  An army deferment means that the individual does not need to serve in the military as long as he is residing outside of Israel. Men above the age of 26 and women above the age of 21 with a valid deferral are eligible to apply for a full exemption. If you are eligible for the deferment, upon review and confirmation of your status, you will be provided with a written notice that your obligation to serve is deferred for as long as you reside abroad with your parents, and you are permitted to visit Israel every year under certain conditions.


Israeli citizens or permanent residents of the State of Israel who are more than 16 years and four months of age (and before the age of 19) who live abroad or are staying abroad temporarily may apply for deferments and attach supporting documents. The service is free of charge.


Understandably, Israeli citizens leave the country for various reasons and at different stages of their life. The age at which an individual left Israel, whether he left the country with one or both of his parents, whether his parents moved back to Israel since, as well as other circumstances surrounding the relocation may have crucial effect on the chances of achieving an arrangement of his military status with the IDF. When presented with unusual circumstances, Army authorities do recognize that the complexities of life warrant allowing exceptions. Therefore, it is important to consult with a knowledgeable California arrangement of military status with the IDF attorney, that can help you achieve your desired goals, whether it is deferment of your military duties, permanent exemption or recruiting for service.

Attorney Joseph A. Younes had served for 6 years at the Military Advocate General Corps, and was honorably discharged at the rank of Captain, after leading the Pardons & Verdict Review Section. He is intimately familiar with the military legal system and is ready to relentlessly represent the most complex cases. Call our office today to schedule your consultation at (818) 643-4999.

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